How to download The Koh Samui Guide

Start reading The Koh Samui Guide in just three minutes. The guide is a PDF ebook (393 pages / 30 mb) and you can download your copy immediately after purchase. In three easy steps – here's how.

3 steps, 3 minutes

1. Purchase your Koh Samui Guide
2. Get your link to download
3. Download your guide and enjoy!

Get your guide

1. How to purchase your Koh Samui Guide

Your three-step secure checkout:

1. Go to your checkout

2. Securely checkout with PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay

3. Get your link to download The Koh Samui Guide!

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2. Get your download link

Whether you've used PayPal, a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay – your purchase process concludes here: you get instant access to The Koh Samui Guide in two places:

1st – Your unique download link is on the webpage that you see immediately after your purchase

2nd – It's also provided in your email receipt (automatically sent to you from an obedient robot)

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3. Download The Koh Samui Guide

Click your download link from either your post-purchase webpage or your email. Your file download page will open.

Click 'DOWNLOAD' – just once! Clicking repeatedly will reset your download back to the start. Your guide will download just like any PDF file – to wherever you save your downloads. The file is 30 mb and takes just a minute on fast-ish internet.

Step-by-step instructions:

Download to your computer
Download to your mobile or tablet

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4. Grab a drink and get comfy

Excited to read The Koh Samui Guide? we recommend a hammock, sunshine, and snacks.

Tip: Invite a family member to stand nearby and fan you with a palm frond ... they'd be delighted to.

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